_although we see a quantity of inspirations around the buzzwords


_we need traditional aspects to create a balance in design_

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_VIOLET_ color of mightiness and absence of morals_VIOLET_color of the negative side of fantasy_VIOLET_color of sin and sexuality_VIOLET_color of vanity_extravaganza and fashion_VIOLET_color of decadence and artificiality



_ in the last weeks I found remarkably lots of posts with BLUE content_ What are the charakteristics and attributes of the color BLUE? According to Eva Heller and her book „the performance of color“ one can find these connotations around_BLUE_

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_Blue_ the color of loyalty_ Blue_the color of longing and desire_ Blue_ the color of fantasy_ Blue_ the color of cool_ Blue_ the color of relaxation_ Blue_ the color of spirit_ Blue_ the color of science_ Blue_ the color devine_

_what of those BLUE emotions and states of spirit may we connotate to the color BLUE considering todays zeitgeist?

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_industrial_ poetry_

_english text below_

Die Verbindung von Industrie und Poesie…ein riesen Trend, der mir sehr am Herzen liegt.

Industrielle Inspirationen sehe ich bei der Dampfmaschine und den ersten mechanischen Produktionsanlagen, weiter gehen die Inspirationsmöglichkeiten über die Aufgliederung von Arbeitsprozessen eines Henry Ford, hin zu den Rechenmaschinen eines Konrad Zuse, bis zu der digital vernetzten Welt von Heute. Dies verbinden viele Modedesigner und Stoffhersteller mit Poesie, einer Kunstart, die mit Phantasie die Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten von Sprache, Farben, Motiven einsetzt um uns künstlerisch neue Erfahrungen  zu schenken.

Nicolas Ghesquière zeigt für Louis Vuitton in seinem Frühjahr Sommer Defilè 2019 die Kollektion in einem Weltraum_Stations_inspirierten Labor. Seine Entwürfe verbinden auf das wunderschönste eine kühle Labor_Ästhetik mit Phantasie.


Auch auf der Première Vision in Paris war das Spannungsfeld von einer Poesie im Stoff und der Klarheit eines Versuchsaufbaus im Labor zu sehen.

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Digitale Welten bei Balenciaga. Lyrische Drapagen gehen inhaltliche Verbindungen mit der animierten VR_Labor_Umwelt.


Bei Maison Valentino zeigen sich poetische Blumenmuster in technisch wirkenden Pastellen.


Louis Vuitton Spring_Summer_2019 THE LAB:::


The conjunction of industry and poetry … a huge trend that is very close to my heart.

Industrial inspiration ranges from the steam engine and the first mechanical production plants, further inspiration comes from the revolution of the work processes from Henry Ford, to the computing machines of a Konrad Zuse, to the digitally connected world of today. Many fashion designers and fabric manufacturers pair this with poetry, an art form that uses imagination to express language, colors and motifs to give us artistically new experiences.

Nicolas Ghesquière shows the collection for Louis Vuitton in his Spring Summer Defilé 2019 in a Weltraum_Stations_inspirierten Labor. His designs combine a cool laboratory aesthetics with imagination in the most beautiful way.

At the Première Vision in Paris, too, the tension between poetry in the material and the clarity of a test setup in the laboratory was evident.

Digital worlds at Balenciaga. Lyrical drapages make substantive connections with the animated VR_Lab_Environment.

At Maison Valentino, poetic floral patterns appear in technically-styled pastels.


_ at the moment we see three basic aspects of beauty.

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one_ deconstruction of beauty_ uses elements of style in strong opposites_ brings them together in the form of a collage_ accentuates the collage for example with heavy outlines_

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two_ techno beauty_ uses clear technocolor like moods and colors_ brings beauty to a robot-like level_ emphazising the femininity in a laboratory way_

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three_ natural beauty_ points out health_ walk in the nature inspiration_ healthy porcelain-like tan_ ironic surprises at the second glance are important_



We often find in fashion design, that designs are rooted and related to some rebellious spirits based in subcultural classics. Vetements does this at it`s very best this season.

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D.I.Y. aesthetics have always been a classic Punk thing… one the pivotal points in Classic Punk was to bend rules, never to break them. That`s way ideas have the chance to live and develop. Vetements follows this tradition in it`best sense of creating new, but respecting the roots of the design…


As we see technical and industrial inspirations having an emerging and strong impact on fashion now still we need some tactile, colorful and still romantic warmth for our minds.

In this context flowery shapes, colorways and surfaces can be seen allover the runways shows and flagshipstores…. nut really new, but still beautiful.

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Neon light colors are having s great influence on todays fashion as they stand for an urban, highly visible and tech- influenced style. The second is to build a strong contrast on nature, earthy and flowery inspirations.

As seen in the latest Balenciaga fashion show the catwalk was 3 dimensionally wrapped in a highly technicolor world as we might see through in VR- goggles. One of the best fashion show stages.

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